Women’s Rights at Lennox Middle School

on March 3, 2021

On Friday, February 12, students from Lennox Middle School presented a culminating performance featuring an original play about women’s rights through P.S. ARTS’ Inside Out Community Arts (IOCA) program. The inspirational performance included conversations between the students and their parents on the importance of women’s rights, as well as a slideshow of female presidents and prime ministers worldwide.

The Inside Out Community Arts program, which found a permanent home with P.S. ARTS in 2014, was founded in response to the civil uprisings ignited by the brutal attack against Rodney King at the hands of police thirty years ago. It is focused on empowering underserved middle school youth with the tools, confidence, and inspiration to make a positive difference in their lives and communities through the arts. Today, we acknowledge our enduring responsibility to pursue racial justice, as we launch a new season of IOCA programs providing youth development and social justice-oriented theatre education to future leaders across Los Angeles.

P.S. ARTSWomen’s Rights at Lennox Middle School