#WhyIGive | Lauren Deck

on September 30, 2015

This #WhyIGive Wednesday, P.S. ARTS supporter (and former Senior Program Manager) Lauren Deck shares why she invested in the future of public school arts education with a gift to the P.S. ARTS Endowment.

A message from Lauren Deck . . .

Supporting arts education is important to me because of the personal positive impact I’ve experienced as a result of many visual arts, theater, and dance projects and classes. During more than a decade of working in the arts education field, I have spent many hours witnessing the power of the arts in the lives of those around me — especially children and youth. For this reason, P.S. ARTS’ mission will always be close to my heart.


I joined the P.S. ARTS administrative staff in 2014 during the pivotal program acquisition of Inside Out Community Arts, where I had worked on the program administration team since 2008. After my time working as a Senior Program Manager for P.S. ARTS, I know firsthand that a little bit goes a long way to impact thousands of students thanks to a dedicated and hardworking team of experts and leaders.


When giving to the P.S. ARTS Endowment this year, I kept a story in mind about a young donor who also extended a monetary gift to the organization. Last school year, a P.S. ARTS student presented a Teaching Artist with a jar filled with coins to help support the program’s costs. The gesture was big for a young person, and it made an even bigger impact on me and my colleagues. It reminded me that we all have something to give to what is important and impactful in our lives. With this in mind, I made sure to find my own means to contribute to the P.S. ARTS Endowment.

Thank you P.S. ARTS – keep up the inspiring work!

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P.S. ARTS#WhyIGive | Lauren Deck