Volunteer Highlight | Cyndi Sanchez

on April 20, 2020

This week is National Volunteer Week and we wanted to share more about one of our amazing volunteers, Cyndi Sanchez! From day one, Cyndi has been all in with P.S. ARTS. Before even attending an orientation, she helped us out at a Family Art Night. Since then, she’s provided support at Family Art Nights and community events, as well as in our classrooms at Playa Elementary. It has been such a joy working with Cyndi. Her willingness to jump right in and help out with anything and everything truly speaks to her dedication to our students. We couldn’t ask for a better volunteer and we are thrilled that she answered a few questions about her experiences volunteering with P.S. ARTS!

Tell us about yourself!

I decided at 16 to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)  and have worked as one for over 45 years. My Dad, also an accountant, owned and ran an advertising agency, so I was surrounded by all types of artists all of my life, but somehow I never pursued art on my own. When I was 50, I got a wake-up call that told me I should not wait till retirement to have my own fun with art, so I started painting! I love it! People laugh when they realize the big difference between my day job and my passion, but I feel like painting has opened up a world for me that I would now be lost without. CPA now stands for Creative Park Artist because I often paint at a park with my friends.

What made you want to volunteer with P.S. ARTS?

I decided to volunteer with P.S. ARTS because I firmly believe the arts are very underrepresented in schools today. I recognize that for many families it is a real stretch to provide their kids with experiences, supplies, and the time or opportunity to explore their creative sides. I love that various types of art are presented and that the kids are given a chance to learn about other artists and explore creative ways to express themselves.

“I decided to volunteer with P.S. ARTS because I firmly believe the arts are very underrepresented in schools today.”

What is your favorite part about volunteering with P.S. ARTS or what has been your favorite experience?

I have really enjoyed watching parents and kids create together at Family Art Nights. I have also enjoyed watching the progress and changes among the kids in the second-grade class I started volunteering with. They definitely love the experience and I can see it helping them grow creatively and “think outside the box.”

Thank you Cyndi Sanchez for your dedication! To learn more about volunteer opportunities click here. 💜

Gaby PalmadessaVolunteer Highlight | Cyndi Sanchez