Explore Space, Time, & Motion with our new P.S. ARTS To Go! art kit subscription! Each subscription comes with three kits, one delivered safely to your door every other month, which contain everything you need for two unique art activities, as well as artist-led tutorials for them, and a themed ebook. Let’s create and learn together! 

For every child that registers for a P.S. ARTS To Go! subscription, ten children will receive the art supplies they need for a full year!*

*$75 of each subscription is not tax-deductible 

Each To Go! Kit Includes

  • Two unique art projects
  • A themed ebook
  • All the necessary art supplies
  • Video guides and tutorials

*ages 3-10 with adaptations noted in the activity guides

Space, Time, and Motion Series

Each subscription includes three kits, and each kit includes two art activities. Let’s explore and create together with the Space, Time, and Motion kits!

Kit 1: Space

Explore Space, Boldness, & Bravery

Floating Astronaut Self-Portrait

Phases of the Moon Mobile

Deliveries Start in September*

Kit 2: Time

Explore Time, Optimism, & Change

Liquid Hourglass Diorama

Colors of the Sky Wall Clock

Deliveries Start in November*

Kit 3: Motion

Explore Motion, Experimentation, & Innovation

Kinetic Sculpture

Body in Motion Tessellation

Deliveries Start in January*

*P.S. ARTS To Go! Subscription kits will be delivered to your home in strict adherence with all CDPH package delivery safety guidance. Enrollment is limited! We will fulfill as many orders as we can on a first come, first serve basis. Shipping outside of Los Angeles County is $25.

How It Works

1. Register below

2. We deliver the supplies to you

3. Watch lessons on your own time

Stay tuned for the next round of P.S. ARTS To Go! Subscription Boxes!

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