Team P.S. ARTS Runner Profile: Zack Holland

on February 9, 2015

The ASICS LA Marathon and LA Big 5K are just under 5 weeks away! Follow #MarathonMonday to learn more about our amazing runners and why they are running for Team P.S. ARTS! This week, meet Zack Holland:

When asked to run for Team  P.S. ARTS, it was an easy decision. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I gladly accept any opportunity to share my passion for such an incredible organization.

I was first introduced to P.S. ARTS while working for my former employer and have since had the opportunity to work with them on several occasions. The brightness and positivity of the staff, the real world importance of their mission, and the happiness that their programs bring to children around Los Angeles stuck with me – and wasn’t easily shaken.

Thanks to those experiences with P.S. ARTS and my personal connections with artists here in Los Angeles, I left my day-job to create Angeleno Artistry in September 2014. Angeleno Artistry is an online platform designed to build the brands and celebrate the work of deserving Los Angeles paint and photography artists, while giving back to arts education. We feature five local artists a month, each with a unique, limited edition art print that helps fund arts education programs at P.S. ARTS. The opportunity to work with one of my favorite non-profits on a more intensive basis has been one of the most fulfilling and inspiring pieces of my life to this point.

Everyone knows the impressive statistics – over 20,000 students served in 10 school districts by 75 (and counting) Teaching Artists! –  but the most impressive moments I’ve experienced with P.S. ARTS have been witnessing the pure joy on the faces of the kids who create something for the first time, the happiness of the parents who sit down with their children and finger paint or build duct tape wallets, and the immense satisfaction my team has had after our days of volunteering with the organization.

In a city so separated and segmented by miles of freeways and open space, there are certain tenants of local culture that bring people and souls together; art, at any stage and level, is undeniably one of these. This is the reason that, while developing Angeleno Artistry, we felt that giving back to the city through arts education was one of the most integral and needed ways to contribute.

Starting a company is never easy – there are many things I would have done differently if I could rewind and rebuild – but developing a relationship and working with P.S. ARTS has been one of the fundamental aspects of Angeleno Artistry that I cherish and look forward to evolving.

– Zack Holland

Zack is the founder and CEO of Angeleno Artistry, the modern platform for Los Angeles paint and photography artists:

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P.S. ARTSTeam P.S. ARTS Runner Profile: Zack Holland