Meet Christina Gonzalez!

on June 2, 2021

Christina Gonzalez teaches visual arts for P.S. ARTS at Avenal Elementary School in the Reef-Sunset School District. Get to know Mrs. G and what inspires and motivates her!

Tell us about yourself and your art discipline.

My name is Christina Gonzalez, my students call me Mrs. G, and I have been teaching for P.S. ARTS for 4 years. My discipline in Visual Arts consists of my students and I creating some really unique and inspiring works of art with different mediums such as ceramics, painting, sculpture, and printmaking design. 

What does your current teaching setup look like? What are some tools that are essential to your virtual classroom these days?

My current teaching setup is working from home in a spare room that is now my classroom/art studio. The tools that are essential to my virtual classroom have to be my Macbook and doc camera, along with any art supplies I can find around my house.

Share a “magic moment” you experienced teaching in the last year (an inspirational experience as a teacher or with a student). 

A magical moment was when a student came back the following year and said “Mrs.G. remember the art project we did on Frida Kahlo? Well, I still have it hung up in my living room.”

Who is an artist you are currently inspired by?

The artist Romero Britto has been an inspiration to me due to his color pallet. He likes colors that are bold and bright because they bring hope and happiness! He makes me smile during the tough and challenging times our kids and teachers are currently facing.

How has teaching for P.S. ARTS shaped your practice as a Teaching Artist?

P.S. ARTS has driven me to really focus and learn about different artists so that I can be versatile. 

Thank you Christina Gonzalez! To learn more about other P.S. ARTS Teaching Artists check out the rest of our blog posts here.

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P.S. ARTSMeet Christina Gonzalez!