Spotlight on Paints & Pints Hosts!

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By Events Assistant, Clarissa Hampton


This summer, P.S. ARTS is hosting Paints & Pints — a collaboration with The Grove aimed at inspiring creativity and a spirit of community. As one of the largest arts education providers in LA, we want to help create a space for gathering, creating, and contributing, and Paints & Pints is just that.  Graciously hosted by The Grove, Paints & Pints will feature art-making and refreshments and provide a glimpse into P.S. ARTS’ important work in the Los Angeles community.  Tickets to the event are available now!

We are so grateful for the support of our dedicated hosts who believe in the necessity of quality arts education and who have each personally witnessed the impact that access to the arts has on children’s development and success.  We would like to include a special feature on our hosts to thank them for their support.

Jason Burinescu

Jason Burinescu is a television executive and entrepreneur.  Originally from New York, Jason has spent the last sixteen years working in the entertainment industry, notably working on Discovery Channel’s Emmy nominated Naked and Afraid.

“I heard about P.S. ARTS through a number of friends and was introduced to the organization by Josh Tanzer.  As someone who is passionate about art, creativity, and giving people the ability to express themselves, I believe the mission to help underprivileged kids get opportunities is invaluable.

I’ve always loved movies, TV, and music.  It connects people in ways that nothing else can.  Stories and images have a huge impact on culture, bring joy to the world, and give people the ability to share a piece of themselves.  As someone who did art projects as a kid and later wrote and produced movies and TV shows, there is truly no better feeling than pouring your heart into a project and seeing the impact it has on others.”

Justin Fredericks

Justin Fredericks runs business development for a portfolio set of companies, including Paper and Fabric, which features the works of emerging artists on limited edition prints (paper) and clothing (fabric).  He is an avid volunteer in the arts and education fields.

“I heard about P.S. ARTS after walking by the nonprofit’s previous offices on Abbot Kinney. The P.S. ARTS sign piqued my interest, as one of my companies (Paper and Fabric) works with artists and art/education nonprofits. After inquiring about the organization, we included P.S. ARTS as our first nonprofit beneficiary.

Arts fuel outside-the-box thinking, which I greatly appreciate as an entrepreneur. Whether or not kids pursue art as a career, their immersive experience with art programs help spur creativity, imagination, innovation and new perspectives.”

Liz Schaub

After attending college in San Francisco, Liz Schaub returned home to Los Angeles where she works as a nurse, specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  In her spare time, she enjoys running and exploring the city with her dog Mona.

“The work P.S. ARTS does is important to me because art is freeing. Our aunt is an artist and art teacher and her creativity was very influential growing up. I learned from her art’s impact on the human spirit especially in the setting of the classroom. Now, as a pediatric nurse, I see the amazing therapeutic benefits art and music therapy have on children who are sick. Making art a priority in schools in no different than making art available in other settings like the hospital. Art heals!! It builds confidence, fortifies trust, empowers, and lets us discover and grow our strengths and talents. For children and youth, these things are vital. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a P.S. ARTS/Inside Out Community Arts student performance and witnessed young students on stage speak their minds, problem-solve and find solutions to social problems like bullying using creativity and drama!

My involvement with P.S. ARTS began through my sister Allison, who started working at P.S. ARTS 3 years ago and now works as Development Manager. My first event with P.S. ARTS was volunteering as a first aider at Express Yourself in 2013. My mom and I have now made volunteering at the first aid booth a tradition and we’ve happily volunteered every year since.”

Casey Taslitz

A Los Angeles transplant, Casey Taslitz left New York two years ago and now works as an event producer at an event production/design firm.

“I got involved with P.S. ARTS through my mom who has been involved for a few years. I loved the organization as I grew up in Chicago where the arts are very integrated into the school system and could not believe that students in California went to school without the arts!”

P.S. ARTSSpotlight on Paints & Pints Hosts!

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