P.S. ARTS CEO Responds to Senator Ben Allen’s SB916 — the Theatre & Dance Act (TADA!)

on January 27, 2016


Venice, CA (January 27, 2016) – This morning, Senator Ben Allen, Chair of the Joint Committee on the Arts, introduced Senate Bill 916 — the Theatre and Dance Act (TADA!) — to establish single-subject teaching credentials for Dance and Theatre in California.

In response to the the introduction of SB916, P.S. ARTS CEO Dr. Kristen Paglia released the following statement:

“I applaud the efforts of Senator Ben Allen, the Joint Committee on the Arts, and the arts advocates that have brought forth this much needed addition to California’s teacher credentialing system. Having studied Dance and Dance Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to take this knowledge into the public school setting through the traditional credential pathway. In fact, the deficit of attention to the arts in California’s teacher training program is what deterred me and many of my colleagues from pursuing a credential, though nearly all of us went on to teach and hold leadership positions in independent schools and higher education. Organizations like P.S. ARTS and Inner-City Arts can make important contributions to the development of the Dance and Theatre credential programs and serve as powerful allies in providing pre-service training and ongoing professional development for arts teachers in California. I would be honored for the opportunity to lend the teacher training models and curriculum frameworks that P.S. ARTS has developed over 25 years of implementing dynamic, high-impact arts programs to the Dance and Theatre credentialing effort. Senator Ben Allen said it himself, “we’re giving Dance and Theatre a place at the credentialing table.” I don’t think I’d be overstepping to say that the community of arts education providers is happy for the endorsement of the arts in public education, and we’re at the ready to lend a hand.”


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P.S. ARTSP.S. ARTS CEO Responds to Senator Ben Allen’s SB916 — the Theatre & Dance Act (TADA!)