March 2018 | Arts Ed RECAP

on March 9, 2018


Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for March 2018.


The Creative Brain is Wired Differently
It’s often said that creative people see the world differently than the rest of us—and a Harvard researcher is providing one answer why. Science Daily

Teachers are Using Theater and Dance to Teach Math—And It’s Working
A study found that students in arts integration classes headed by Wolf Trap-trained teachers performed better on math assessments. The Washington Post

Neanderthals Were Artists
We always assumed humans were the only species to create art. It now seems we were wrong. Pacific Standard


March 10: Arts Education Partnership 2018 State Policy Symposium
March 11: Turnaround Arts Talent Show
March 12-13: Arts Advocacy Day
April 7: Arts Now Bay Area Summit
May 4: We’re throwing a pARTy!


April 17 Deadline: Donate Your Tax Refund to the Keep Arts in Schools Fund
June 1 Deadline: Doug Risner Prize for Emerging Dance Researchers


Five Ways to Support Women Artists
1. When you see that exhibitions are unequal, contact the gallery or museum and let them know that they need to show more women artists’ work—that that’s important. Art Works Blog

Meet the CAC’s Anne Bown-Crawford
“For me, meaningful, creative education sits at the center of so much, it touches every aspect of CAC’s work, whether it is in corrections, cultural districts, or community arts organizations. It sits at the center of a healthy community overall.” California Arts Council Blog


NYC is Working to Expand Arts Instruction
Since 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio has allocated $23 million a year to improve equity in arts programs across the district and in partnership with community arts organizations. Education Dive

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