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Our basic model is that of a school partnership with K-5 schools though we occasionally accept middle schools. We fundraise for the bulk of the cost of programs (anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000 per school) and in exchange our basic requirements for taking on a new school are:

  • The school must have Title I designation. Most of P.S. ARTS school partners have 70% of the school eligible for free and reduced lunch.
  • The school must be dedicated to a partnership with P.S. ARTS for a multi-year commitment. The principal and at least 75% of the faculty must sign a letter of commitment.
  • The school must be able to provide a dedicated art space per discipline. An appropriate space is a well lit, climate controlled area with adequate room for students to engage in the arts experience.
  • The school must be willing to work with P.S. ARTS to design a sustainable arts plan.
  • Design an inclusive schedule that incorporates arts disciplines during the regular school day and provides regular, equitable access to all students during the school year.
  • The school faculty must participate in at least one workshop per year dedicated to utilizing the arts as a teaching tool in the classroom.
  • The school is asked to contribute a percentage of the cost of the program.

P.S. ARTS offers Classroom Studio residencies as our capacity allows. Fees are determined by the arts discipline, scope of services, number of students, number of classrooms, and the percentage of students enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch program. For a description of our Classroom Studio program, click here.

Educator Training

P.S. ARTS faculty work alongside credentialed teachers in classrooms to co-develop and/or model integrated arts learning into academic curricula, and support implementation of the State Common Core Standards. We also offer professional development workshops for classroom teachers on a range of arts education-related subjects, including arts-integrated curriculum design and STEAM. For a description of our Educator Training program, click here.

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