Individual Supporters

P.S. ARTS is pleased to recognize our generous supporters and thank them for their valuable contributions to the success and sustainability of our programs. The following list includes individuals who have contributed $500 or more in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Ben Abt
Randy Alpert
Charmaine and Sean Bailey
Jonathan Bass
Joanie G. Berkley
Ed Berman
Jana Bezdek
Judy Bloomingdale and John Vinke
Lucinda and Mark Boomershine
Stephen J. Bozzo, Jr.
Stephanie Bronfman
Fran Camaj
Suzana Carlos
Brian Chung
Alexandra Clark
Edith Cohen
Susan Comisar
Jessica Copenhaver
Olivia Corwin
Amy Cozamanis
Kimberly and Graham Culp
Jane and Jon S. Davis
Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller
Alex Donnelley
Bradley E. Dubin
Steve Durbin
Samie Falvey
Katie Fine
Charity Finnestad
Cristina Fishel
Hege Fossum
Griff Foxley
Jennifer and Justin Garratt
Amanda Genovese
Jackson George
Jessica Goodman

Dana Goodyear
Laney Gradus
Rachelle Guerin
Renee and Paul Haas
Lilia Hall
Julie and Richard Harrah
Lawren Howell
Blair Kohan
Susie and Brad Krevoy
Ali Larter
Lori Laser
Carrie Lebovich
Ellen Lee
Kasey Lemkin
Victoria Lerner
Lindsey Levine
Nadine Levitt
Maryam Lieberman
Heidi and Damon Lindelof
Lauren London
Lauren Lundy
Scott MacArthur
Shannon Malik
Paul Manson
Deborah and Andrew Marcus
Ashlee Margolis
Jeffrey A. Marks
Sharon Marks
Heather Mason
Liza Mauck
Jess Meyer
Meghan Mirabelli
Kathy Misrock
Leslie Morasca
Kimberly Nachtomi
Michelle Nader and Matt Drake
Melanie Neumann

Esther Nordlinger
Sara and Dominic Nuciforo
Farhana and Brian Pargac
Kelly Patel
Raina Penchansky
Dominique Punnett
Suzanne Rode and Brian Hunt
Molly E. Russell
Stephanie Sandler
Jennifer Saul
Amanda and Andy Schuon
Rachel Schwartz
Nicole Seigel
Suzanne Selmo
Ian Simovich
Seymour Stein
Danielle Stokdyk
Wendy and Matt Sugarman
Craig Susser
Sandi Tamkin
Noelle Taslitz
Kristen Vadas
Hayden Victor
Lori and James B. Vincent
Lisa and Jose Vitela
Brooksie and Phil Voss
Jessica Weisblum
Bryan Weissman
Emily Whitesell and William Sind
Tracey Willfong
Lucy and Jason Wolff
Cate Wright
Elizabeth Yarborough
Erin Yari
Alissa Zachary
Monica Zuriff

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the many supporters who have contributed to P.S. ARTS with gifts under $500 whose names are too numerous to list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted from this list in error, please contact the Advancement Team at 310.586.1017, and we will correct our mistake.

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