Individual Supporters

P.S. ARTS is pleased to recognize our generous supporters and thank them for their valuable contributions to the success and sustainability of our programs. The following list includes individuals who have contributed $500 or more to the organization from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

Ben Abt
Lou and Page Adler
Cindy Ambuehl and Donald Diamont
Loan Anle
Gregory Annenberg Weingarten
Mark Armbruster
Charmaine and Sean Bailey
Mr. and Ms. Jordan Bender
Pam and Alan Bergman
Joanie G. Berkley
Alexandra Berman
Nadine Bernecker
Judy Bloomingdale and John Vinke
Lucinda and Mark Boomershine
Cynthia and Anthony Bouza
Steve and Nancy Carell
Deborah Lacusta and Daniel Castellaneta
Kat Chang
Ginny Chien and Jimmy Yun
Susan Comisar
Kathryn Daly
Stephanie Darrow
Mr. and Mrs. Jon S. Davis
Virginie and Laurent Degryse
Lauren and Richard Donner
Ellen and Dennis Dougherty
Carla and Gerald Du Manoir
Mimi Feldman
Hillary Fishman
Hege Fossum
Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt
Carolyn and Damian Giangiacomo
Ron Gonen
Jessica Goodman
Malcolm Goodwin
Laney Gradus
Leana Greene
Renee and Paul Haas

Nanci Rascoff
Sarah and Simon Reisert
Hadley and Lee Rierson
Lisa Hahn
Eric and Meredith Hall
Jeff Hall
Amber Hankey
William Hefner
Chi-Chien Hou and Phuong Vuong
Marianna Hughes
Margaret E. Hyde
David Kaminow
Tamar and Matt Kane
Terri Kenworthy
Sarah Ketterer
Brent Knapp
Joseph Kotzin
Susie and Brad Krevoy
Rachel Kurstin
Carrie Lebovich
Curtis Lelash
Daniel Levin
Mary Long
Susan Disney Lord and Scott Lord
Andrea and Jason Lublin
Virginia Mancini
Lewis Marquis
Sarah and Joel McHale
Robert Morton and Jennifer Rush
Michelle and Greg Nathan
Spencer and Mieke Neumann
Elizabeth and David Ondaatje
Donald E. Paglia
Kristen and Jamie Paglia
Kelly Patel
Mr. and Ms. Alex Phillips
Pamela Posey
Brenda R. Potter

Kathleen and Chip Rosenbloom
Raina Rosenblum
Dr. Cheryl Saban
Scott Schachter
Amanda and Andy Schuon
Naomi and Adam Scott
Rona Sebastian
Kate and Gil Seton
Marley Shelton
Lindsey and Evan Simovich
Jennifer Slator
Nicole Sleeman
Sarah Song
Cheryl Spound
Danielle Stokdyk
Sharon Stroll
Elizabeth Sugarman
Suzy and Josh Tanzer
Julie Teich
Alexander Trivas
Lauren and Robert Turner
Megan and David Velasco
Adriana Vinson
Lisa and Jose Vitela
Julie Waldorf
Benjamin Webber
Natalie Grof and Josh Weiner
Aurora Weinstock
Ophelia Weiss
Emily Whitesell and William Sind
Kathie and Mike Williams
Jennifer Wooster
Brooke and Brett Wyard
Amy Yanow
Bob Yari
Gennifer and David Yoshimaru, D.D.S.
The Zoller Family

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the many supporters who have contributed to P.S. ARTS with gifts under $500 whose names are too numerous to list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted from this list in error, please contact the Advancement Team at 310.586.1017, and we will correct our mistake.

Stephanie McGrathIndividuals