P.S. ARTS thanks Dr. Cheryl Saban for her charitable giving

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Dr. Cheryl Saban took her passion for creativity with the formation of her namesake brand in 2011: Cheryl Saban Designs.

Though Saban studied art for two years in college, her work as an artist is either self-taught, or acquired after hundreds of hours of classes with master glass-blowers to hone her skills and acquire new ones. The result is hand-made creations that are inspired by her connection to nature, appreciation of form, and her attraction to the soul, mind, and spirit.


Blowing glass is a kind of meditation for Saban, where she immerses herself in the “flow” experience—the concept of being fully present and conscious in the moment. She now goes into the hot-glass studio bi-weekly to create pieces for her shop and gallery.

The design process for her glassware is organized and well-thought-out. She always has a design in mind before she heads to the hot-shop. She decides in advance which colors she’ll use, and generally makes a sketch of the object or vessel she intends to create. She says she’s fascinated by the concept of “freezing a design in heat.”

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Her jewelry design process is another story entirely. She rarely approaches her jewelry creative process with a pre-sketched drawing, but rather follows an artistic muse –and a kind of alchemy happens when she gathers her bounty of gemstones and silver and gold items around her. She places her beads, cords and precious stones on a board, gets inspired by them, and begins to conjure up something beautiful, and one-of-a-kind.

Each and every one of Saban’s designs is carefully crafted with her own hands, making the result of her artisanal talents the perfect unique gift for anyone.

csd-pg-2_loDr. Saban, a renaissance woman, is as well known for her generous charitable work as her art. Through each purchase, Cheryl Saban Designs gives back a percentage of sale to the community, including nonprofit organizations like P.S. ARTS!

We are grateful for the support and generosity of Dr. Cheryl Saban and are inspired by her artistic process. For more information, visit cherylsabandesigns.com. Thank you Cheryl!


P.S. ARTSP.S. ARTS thanks Dr. Cheryl Saban for her charitable giving

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