P.S. ARTS Celebrates the Oscars!

on March 2, 2018

In honor of Staff Appreciation Day and to celebrate the upcoming Academy Awards happening right here in Los Angeles this weekend, we sat down with our Program Assistant “Oscar” to get his take on who among our team of staff and teaching artists brings a little something extra to P.S. ARTS.

And the Oscar goes to...

Oscar Ribbon

Best Office Stuntman

For his extraordinary, and in no way dangerous, roof jumping.
Lui Sanchez, Director of Extended Learning

Oscar Ribbon

Best Low Key Video Production

For her work on the P.S. ARTS video.
Stephanie McGrath, Associate Director of Communications

Oscar Ribbon

Best So Bad It’s Good Secret Crafty Pal Gift

For his creation of the Snowmen.
Guillaume Wateau, Director of Finance

Oscar Ribbon

Best Person Who Has the Answer to Everything

For being an office ninja.
Nikki Manibhai, Operations & HR Coordinator

Oscar Ribbon

Best at Leading Visual Arts Classes in Another Language

We could listen to her teach art in Spanish all day.
Martha, SMMUSD Teaching Artist

Oscar Ribbon

Most Original Song

For creating her one-of-a-kind Welcome Song.
Evelyn, LESD Teaching Artist

Oscar Ribbon

Best Teaching Artist to Dance on Camera

For making the Waggle dance look good on national television.
KJ, IUSD Teaching Artist

Oscar Ribbon

Most Adventurous

For taking on P.S. ARTS’ new district.
Rebecca, ESUSD Teaching Artist

Oscar Ribbon

Best Person to Make Learning Not Feel Like Work

For his outstanding presentations at our semi-annual Professional Development day.
Donzell, LAUSD Teaching Artist

Donzell at PD

Oscar Ribbon

Our Go To Hand Lettering Pro

For coordinating a week-long partnership with Society 6 at Whaley Middle School and for doing all our custom calligraphy work.
KT Leuterio, IOCA Coordinator

Oscar Ribbon

Most Likely to Bust Out a Song in Portuguese

For making sure the students in LUSD have a well-rounded arts education experience by bringing some music into their day.
Clarice, LUSD Teaching Artist

Oscar Ribbon

Best Breakout Roles

For leading the charge in their districts and representing P.S. ARTS at the front line.
Ivette, Wiseburn Teaching Artist
Danny, LHUSD Teaching Artist
Arlene, WCPA Teaching Artist

Oscar Ribbon

Best at Voice Overs

For the variety of voices he brings to Inside Out Community Arts.
Aaron, IOCA Teaching Artist

Oscar Ribbon

Best Interpretation of Business Casual

For the artistic modifications he makes on his clothing and shoes.
Oscar Navarrete, Program Assistant

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P.S. ARTSP.S. ARTS Celebrates the Oscars!