CEO Kristen Paglia Interview on Nonprofit on the Rocks!

on July 22, 2021


P.S. ARTS CEO Kristen Paglia was recently on Nonprofit on the Rocks, a podcast that goes behind the scenes of the organizations and gets real with the people who make them possible. Listen to her interview linked below to learn more about Kristi’s path to P.S. ARTS and why she believes that the arts are a vital part of education!

“Creativity, autonomy, identity, compassion, empathy … I think that is starting to dawn on people. That there is actually nothing more important than being human, and humble, and accepting that there’s a lot of information, and knowledge, and wisdom, and secrets out there that we do not know and we cannot know unless we work, unless we connect as a collective.”

You can also listen to the full podcast here.

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P.S. ARTSCEO Kristen Paglia Interview on Nonprofit on the Rocks!