Partner Schools

Compton Unified

In partnership with William Morris Endeavor, CUSD established a relationship with after-school theater arts organization Inside Out Community Arts (IOCA) in 2012. IOCA was acquired by P.S. ARTS in July 2014 as an Extended Learning program, to provide arts education, social emotional learning to underserved middle school students. Students from Whaley Middle School are eligible to enroll in the annual spring session of the IOCA program. Students receive training from professional Artist Leaders in theater arts, write original short plays, attend field trips including an overnight camping rehearsal retreat, and perform their original plays at a professional venue annually in May along with students from two LAUSD middle schools.

Through a partnership with Turnaround Arts-CA, in 2015, P.S. ARTS also provided Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary with a P.S. ARTS Family Night and Educator Training, a coaching model aimed at increasing teacher capacity in the area of arts integration.

El Segundo Unified School District


In September 2013, Inside Out Community Arts (IOCA) partnered with Hawthorne School District, TakePART Initiative and P.S. ARTS to bring an award-winning after-school theater arts program to Prairie Vista Middle School.  P.S. ARTS acquired IOCA as an Extended Learning Program in July, 2014 and continues to offer the program to Prairie Vista Middle School annually during the fall semester.

Inglewood Unified

In 2015, P.S. ARTS partnered with Allied Media and Turnaround Arts to provide a community mural project in IUSD at Warren Lane Elementary School.  The mural is comprised of original artwork by students and teachers, inspired by the legacy of Olympic Athlete Jesse Owens.

In the 2015-2016 school year, P.S. ARTS implemented a visual arts and a dance residency at Warren Lane.

Lawndale Elementary

The P.S. ARTS Lawndale Initiative began in September 2005, with an initial five-year action plan supported by a longtime funder to the organization, the Herb Alpert Foundation.  After a successful pilot program, P.S. ARTS continues to provide multi-disciplinary arts classes based on the CA Visual and Performing Arts standards, to every child in the school district’s six elementary schools.  P.S. ARTS Faculty rotates through the schools in trimesters, so that each child gets yearlong arts classes in three disciplines.

In 2012-2013 Dr. James Catterall led the Centers for Research on Creativity in a study of all P.S. ARTS classrooms in Lawndale elementary schools.  The final report showed that the P.S. ARTS program in Lawndale’s elementary schools significantly supports students’ development of creativity, self-confidence, motivation, and empathy.  Other noteworthy findings include that students showed strong gains in several key areas of creative capacity and motivation, including originality and connecting creative ideas with the program’s core content tied to social and scientific themes.  In the area of knowledge and behavior, students showed increased levels of consideration and empathy for others.

Los Angeles Unified

P.S. ARTS began providing arts programming in LAUSD in 1992 through a partnership with Coeur d’Alene Elementary, one of our very first partner schools. Since then, P.S. ARTS programming in LAUSD has expanded to serve 6 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 5 Camino Nuevo Charter Academy campuses. P.S. ARTS provides 30 weeks of arts programming in theater, dance, music, and/or visual arts to each student that attends our K-5 partner schools, and up to 41 weeks of programming to elementary and middle school students in our Camino Nuevo Charter Academy programs.

Lost Hills Unified

In partnership with the Lost Hills Unified School District and the Wonderful Company, P.S. ARTS has been providing arts education programs to the Los Hills community since 2013. Each week, students receive 50 minutes of instruction in the performing arts during the regular school day alongside other core academic subjects.

Reef-Sunset Unified

Through a partnership with the Wonderful Company, P.S. ARTS has provided the Reef Sunset-Unified School District with programming since 2003. Located in the rural Central Valley of California, RSUSD’s students receive 36 weeks of Visual Arts through P.S. ARTS.

RSUSD is home to Avenal Elementary, a designated Turnaround Arts-CA school. P.S. ARTS, Turnaround and RSUSD work closely to align programming and maximize the impact, build teacher capacity in arts integration and draw attention to the value of arts education within the public school setting.

San Bernardino City Unified

Barton Elementary in the Riverside-San Bernardino area receives community arts programs like Family Night and participates in P.S. ARTS’ Educator Training program through a partnership with Turnaround Arts: CA.

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified

P.S. ARTS has been providing arts programming in SMMUSD since partnering with John Muir Elementary in 2001.  By 2009, P.S. ARTS was providing programming in all four Title I schools in the district.  As a part of its Vision for Student Success and through centralized fundraising efforts from the Santa Monica Malibu Education Foundation (SMMEF), SMMUSD contracted P.S. ARTS for its district-wide expansion in 2014.

P.S. ARTS shares SMMUSD’s vision of providing equity and access to high quality arts education, and is now working with 4,997 elementary students at all eleven elementary schools in the district.  Each student receives thirty weeks of music, theater, and/or visual arts.  Each program is customized by the school principal.  P.S. ARTS continues to subsidize the Title I schools.

Wiseburn Elementary

The Wiseburn Unified School District has a long history of having arts-rich schools and P.S. ARTS is proud to be serving 3 of its schools with arts programs. Juan de Anza’s and Peter J. Burnett’s 3rd-5th graders receive music classes and Juan Cabrillo’s students have had visual arts for the past 3 years. One of the 3 original TakePART districts, WUSD is part of a network of schools dedicated to expanding arts programming in the South Bay area. In addition to providing direct program services, P.S. ARTS also serves an an arts coordinator for the district.

Wonderful College Prep Academy