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Program Evaluation

P.S. ARTS engages outside evaluators to provide non-biased quantitative program evaluation. Most recently, in June 2014, renowned arts researcher Dr. James Catterall completed a two-year study on the impact of P.S. ARTS programs on students’ development of “creative thinking, behavior, and motivation in the arts, sciences, writing, and social problem-solving.” The study included 300 4th and 5th grade students participating in the P.S. ARTS rotational classroom studio program. Findings show participation in P.S. ARTS programs is associated with significant gains in students’ ability to:

  • Express complex ideas accurately and clearly

  • Solve problems creatively

  • Collaborate and empathize with others

  • Take initiative to produce ideas, designs, and products that are novel and valuable

Three independent research studies have confirmed the positive impact of the P.S. ARTS Inside Out Community Arts extended learning program, including an earlier study led by Dr. James Catterall,[1] and a survey analysis conducted through Cal Polytechnic University with funding from the Eisner Foundation. The report concludes, “Inside Out is an ambitious program that practices what it preaches…Other programs interested in finding substantive ways to assist student development should look not only to Inside Out’s design but also to the multiple components of its successful program: philosophy, curriculum, staff, and ultimately a belief in the power of all students.”

[1] Independent evaluation reports of the Inside Out Community Arts extended learning program:

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  2. Joseph, Rebecca & Estrella, Rachel. (2003). Inside Out Community Arts’ The School Project: Helping Students Construct Individual and Collective Change. A Qualitative Case Study Evaluation. Funded by the California Arts Council.
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