Inside Out Students attend Idyllwild Arts 2018

on October 23, 2018

By KT Leuterio, Program Coordinator, Extended Learning

For over 10 years, the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program has partnered with Inside Out Community Arts to provide select Inside Out students with a scholarship to attend a two-week summer arts intensive in Idyllwild, California.

Every Spring, Inside Out students are invited to audition in order to receive the scholarship. Interested students prepare pieces in the arts discipline of their choice, ranging anywhere from vocal performances, instrumental performances, poetry, monologues, illustrations, comic books, and stories. The students then present their work to a panel of Inside Out Artist Leaders who then select one student from each participating school to receive the scholarship.

Attending an Idyllwild Arts summer course is a great opportunity for students to explore an arts discipline of their choice, make new friends, and spend time in nature. Here are a few words from two scholarship recipients for Inside Out at Idyllwild Arts 2018 :

Seventh-grader Sofia enrolled in a Visual Arts course focused on art forms from around the world. Her two-week course was unfortunately cut short due to a precautionary evacuation for the Cranston Fire, but she was able to make the most of her short time there:

“I was honored to be one of the recipients of the Idyllwild Summer Camp Scholarship. Thanks to your generous support, I was able to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Even though my experience was short because of the unfortunate fires that put the community of Idyllwild in danger, I’m glad to say that this experience has been an unforgettable one for so many reasons. I was able to participate and surround myself with people that share the same passions and love for the arts from the different forms of expression in this amazing program!”

Eighth-grader and alto saxophonist Raquel took a course in Symphonic Band and had the chance to hone her technique:

“Winning the scholarship and going to Idyllwild was a very important thing to me. It was a great experience because I was surrounded with people who also went to camp to learn about music and more about their instrument. In my room, I was surrounded by people who were dedicated to what they did and were happy about having the chance to go there too. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that I was given to go to Idyllwild Arts. Thank you!”

I was fortunate enough to visit the Idyllwild Arts campus to see Raquel’s final performance. I was in awe of the talent, passion, and professionalism displayed by the students. Raquel’s sisters were in attendance and were excited to see their sister perform and even more excited to finally give her a hug after two weeks away from home!

Inside Out student Raquel at Idyllwild Arts 2018

Raquel (center, in black) with her sisters after her performance.

We at P.S. ARTS are all so grateful to Idyllwild Arts. Their generosity, support, and passion for arts education have given Inside Out students the experience of a lifetime. It has been so great to hear stories from our Inside Out at Idyllwild Arts 2018.

Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients! We are so very proud of your accomplishments!

Read more about the Inside Out Community Arts program here.

Stephanie McGrathInside Out Students attend Idyllwild Arts 2018