Volunteering Comes from the heART

on February 24, 2020

By Joella Still, Volunteer Coordinator

One of the goals of P.S. ARTS’ volunteer program is to engage the retired members of the community and incorporate them into our arts programming. This not only enhances the quality of arts education provided, but also the well-being of participants of all ages, through conversations and relationships established from these interactions. On February 11th, P.S. ARTS partnered with the Westchester Senior Center’s art club to create our very first From the heART event which was held at the Westchester Library.

For this event, our friends John, Jim, Gloria, and Mariam from the Westchester Senior Center worked with the P.S. ARTS Community Engagement Department to design and test engaging art projects for attendees of all ages to enjoy together. John helped develop a heart-shaped paper weaving project using tissue paper, Mariam showed the participants how to personalize silk scarves using alcohol and colored sharpies, and Jim led a collage elephant project using various textured materials that he created. 

Open to all ages, From the heART was truly an intergenerational experience. Seniors facilitated the projects and created art alongside elementary and middle school-aged students and their friends and families. The event was a huge hit with leaders like John exclaiming, “This was so much fun! We can do this once a month!” 

P.S. ARTS would like to thank everyone at the Westchester Senior Center Art Club for volunteering their time and materials for this event, The Eisner Foundation for supporting our intergenerational volunteer program, as well as Rita Romero from the Westchester Library and Cristina Lovett from the Westchester Senior Center for helping us plan and promote the From the heART event. Thank you! 

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Gaby PalmadessaVolunteering Comes from the heART