New This Year at Express Yourself 2018

on September 13, 2018

Express Yourself 2018 New Booths, Sponsors, and Restaurants

Express Yourself is three weeks away! Here is a sneak peek at the sponsors, art booths, and restaurants that are new this year at Express Yourself 2018! Have you bought your tickets yet?


We are so excited to have ART CAMP LA and Arielle Goddard at Express Yourself this year! Earlier this summer, we hosted an art-making event for adults with ART CAMP LA at Runway Playa Vista, and it was a blast! We’re excited to see what they have in store! We also love Arielle’s mission for ART CAMP: “Art Camp is built on my love of creative expression, my belief that art is for everyone, and happy, sun-bleached memories of summer camp.”

Duff’s Cake Mix

Is it an Art Booth? Is it a Resturant? IT’S BOTH! How about trying a hand at decorating your own cupcake with Duff’s Cake Mix? The only problem we see is making something too beautiful to eat.

Fifth Third Bank

We are thrilled to welcome Fifth Third Bank to Express Yourself as the sponsor of a Platinum Art Page in our Creativity Book. We are so honored to work with companies like Fifth Third Bank that have such a commitment to arts education.

As a leader in building community ourselves, Fifth Third Bank recognizes the critical role the arts play in building vibrant neighborhoods, creativity and a sense of place. By working to bring arts programs and events to underserved children here in L.A., P.S. ARTS is bringing people together, creating a sense of community pride, and contributing to our local children’s ability to problem solve and think innovatively.

-Suzanne Rode, Managing Director for Fifth Third Bank’s TMT group and member of P.S. ARTS Development and Event Committees


Raddish is joining us at Express Yourself this year to host a guacamole making art booth. Kids can explore their creativity through food! It’s going to be fun and delicious. 😋

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5️⃣ Reasons to Cook With Your Kids This Weekend: 1️⃣ Kids who cook, eat. When you involve them in the process (tearing lettuce, chopping carrots, mixing pasta), they are more likely to taste – and enjoy, what they’ve made. . 2️⃣Pride. As in, they’ll be beaming with pride when they show off their finished dish to friends and family. It’s an especially powerful boost of confidence for kids who may be having some back to school blues. 3️⃣ Connection. You’ll spend time alongside your kiddos, doing something meaningful for your family. There will be laughter, discovery, and quality conversation. (There may be spilled flour too, but that’s all part of the process. 😉). . 4️⃣ There’s more to cooking than cooking. Making tacos? Find Mexico on the map. Mixing muffins? Review fractions. Topping pizza? Research the science of yeast. Peeling corn? Learn how it’s harvested. I’ll even have my kids write about the process using spelling words, proper sentence structure, and correct grammar. 5️⃣Cooking is fun! It’s the most delicious way I know to teach resiliency, foster creativity, and follow directions. #radkidscook #kitchentablefamily . . . . . . #cookingwithkids #kidfood #kidchef #kidswhocookeat #kidswhocook #kidscancook #kidsinthekitchen #edibleeducation #foodislove #learningisdelicious #kidswhocookeat #whatsfordinner #cookingkit #Familydinner #kidscooking #feedingmyfamily #momlife #thekitchenclassroom #homeschool

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Zooga Yoga

There is so much to do this year at Express Yourself but it’s also important to take some time to stretch it out! That’s why Zooga Yoga will be there to lead us through some yoga classes!

New restaurants!

We’re also super excited to see what Bonk Breaker, Topo by Kitchen Mouse, and The Upper West serve up this year.

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