Our Curriculum


P.S. ARTS’ programs are rooted in the viewpoint that learning is a hands-on, constructive, process driven by students’ prior knowledge, and natural curiosity. P.S. ARTS Teaching Artists tailor arts activities to encourage learning through inquiry, experimentation, and collaboration, and focus on global mindedness, and innovation. P.S. ARTS programs also emphasize the role of empathy, caring, and authenticity in effective teaching practice. Finally, P.S. ARTS programs recognize the key role of community and intergenerational engagement in building and maintaining healthy, high-performing schools.


Each year, P.S. ARTS Teaching Artists customize their curricular content to reflect a unifying program theme, as well as their individual interests, talents, and artistic expertise. All curriculum content, regardless of theme or specific activities, follows a knowledge and skills scope and sequence that aligns with state and national arts education standards. P.S. ARTS programs incorporate other formal education standards sets to support academic priorities identified by partner schools, including the State Common Core Standards (SCCS). P.S. ARTS programs are designed to be inclusive, providing access to the broadest possible range of learners, including English learners, and students with special needs. Above all, P.S. ARTS programs aim to foster students’ development of knowledge and skills related to school, career, and life success in the 21st century, including creativity, critical thinking, flexibility, accountability, information literacy, the ability to collaborate, and global-mindedness.

Sample Lesson Plans

P.S. ARTSCurriculum