Join the fun this summer as we explore planet Earth from the safety of our homes with P.S. ARTS Camp To Go! Explorer Edition!  Each Camp To Go! session comes with everything your child needs for three days of exploring Earth’s biomes, discovering great artists, and learning techniques like painting, sculpting, woodworking, tapestry-making, and even culinary arts — there will be no shortage of creativity and adventure!

For every child that registers for one P.S. ARTS Camp To Go! session, another child in need will receive a full-year of weekly P.S. ARTS classes!*

*$50 of each registration session is not tax deductible 

Each Camp Session Kit Includes

A Themed Book

Five Unique Art Projects*

All Necessary Art Supplies

A Virtual Teaching Artist

A Healthy Recipe

Travel Notepad & Binoculars

*activities and video tutorials tailored for ages 3-9

Explorer Camp Sessions

Join us for one session or explore all three habitats on the P.S. ARTS travel itinerary this summer. We look forward to the adventure!

All Camp To Go! Explorer Edition kits are currently sold out, keep an eye out for the next round of themed activities!

Session 1: The Painted Desert

Color & Light Based on Artist Georgia O’Keeffe

Faux Stained Glass Cactus

Desert Flower Notecards

Desert Animal Sculpture


Session 2: The Shining Sea

Light & Space Based on Artist Shih Chieh Huang

Aquatic Nightlight

Bioluminescent Notecards

Marine Fossil Scupture


Session 3: The Vast Tundra

Space & Shape Based on Artist Jesse Oonark

Snowscape Tapestry

Northern Lights Notecards

Inukshu Rock Sculpture


*P.S. ARTS To Go! Camps will be delivered to your home in strict adherence with all CDPH package delivery safety guidance. Enrollment is limited! We will fulfill as many orders as we can on a first come, first serve basis. Shipping outside of Los Angeles County is $25.

How It Works

1. Register your child below

2. We deliver the supplies to you

3. Watch lessons on your own time

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