CAA & City Year Join P.S. ARTS for Halloween Art & Campus Beautification Day

on October 30, 2014


Earlier this month, 65 Creative Artists Agency (CAA) employees volunteered their Saturday at Coeur D’Alene Elementary School for a day of campus beautification and art projects with students. P.S. ARTS has provided arts education programming to Coeur D’Alene since 1992, and for the last five years, we’ve partnered with CAA to produce this day-long event!

Each year, P.S. ARTS provides students and volunteers with a number of art projects they can create together. Inspired by the start of the fall season, the P.S. ARTS Programs team developed five autumn-themed art projects including sculptures based on Louise Bourgeois’ work and drawings based on the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.

We had so much fun developing these projects (and the students enjoyed them so much) that we wanted to make them available as To Go! Projects. P.S. ARTS offers To Go! Projects to encourage students and their families to continue creating art at home. We strive to provide projects that require minimal supervision and that use supplies students might already have. No expertise is required – just a willingness to be creative!

If you like these To Go! Projects, please check out our To Go! Page where we have more available!

Art projects included:

  • Damien Gilley inspired Jack O’Lantern optical illusions

  • Louise Bourgeois’ Spider Sculptures

  • Louise Bourgeois’ Spiderweb Resist

  • Georgia O’Keeffe Autumn Leaves

  • Model Magic Monsters based off of Wayne White’s work

  • Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
  • Day of the Dead Name Skeletons

In addition to the art projects, the national service organization City Year joined us for CAA Day. With the help of the CAA volunteers, City Year members built new hopscotch and four-square courts on the Coeur d’Alene blacktop – an addition to the campus the students will enjoy throughout the whole year. We want to send a warm and special thank you to both the CAA Foundation and City Year for making this such a fun and successful day!

P.S. ARTSCAA & City Year Join P.S. ARTS for Halloween Art & Campus Beautification Day