Back to School 2016

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by Program Manager, Jaime Reichner

This summer, P.S. ARTS Teaching Artists participated in a two-day professional development training. While looking forward to the start of the new school year, they took a few moments to recall highlights from the previous year. Here are a few “magic moments”:

“During the Art Show, a student was just staring at his artwork. I felt that joy – that pride. This student was having trouble at the beginning of the year. Little by little he started to grow.”

“At the end of informances, I give students the opportunity to share with the audience what they learned in music. [One] students spoke up and said, “I learned that it’s okay to be myself. We are ourselves and we don’t have to be like anyone else. I think music helps me express myself. I love P.S. ARTS. It gives me confidence.”
Back to School with P.S. ARTS: Music

“Students designed Nick Cave “Soundsuits” in small groups. It was inspiring to see collaboration and problem solving amongst peers. What began as small conflicts between contrasting ideas and personalities resulted in resolution and incorporation of diverse ideas. Students learned to work together, delegate, and to take turns. Most of all, they were proud of their results.”


“A third grade student who was afraid to speak (since 1st grade) volunteered to audition for a lead part! I asked her if she was ready to speak onstage in front of an audience and she said that she finally felt ready to do so. When I first met this student, the teacher warned me that she wouldn’t talk. I told the teacher all I would do is create a safe space and she’ll speak when she’s ready!”


“Middle school students at my school have the opportunity to choose elective classes. I was just told by the principal that Art was chosen by every single student in the school. It was the only elective in history of having a unanimous vote.”


We are looking forward to another fantastic year! Stay tuned for more programming updates, more #artsed projects, and more magic moments. To volunteer for P.S. ARTS this school year, visit


P.S. ARTSBack to School 2016

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