Families Celebrate Their Talents at Our 2019 IOCA Workshops

on April 25, 2019

By KT Leuterio, Program Coordination, Extended Learning

In March, Inside Out Community Arts hosted family workshops at all three of our partner schools. Parents, siblings, and family members of Inside Out students are invited to join us for a 2-hour family workshop on a Saturday morning. This workshop is an opportunity for students to show what they’ve been working on at Inside Out while also giving parents a chance to get to know the teaching artist leaders and the Inside Out curriculum. It’s a great time for families to see and appreciate each other in different ways—to show courage in trying something new as part of our Inside Out lowdown—and a chance for everyone to perform and be expressive!

At P.S. ARTS Inside Out, we always emphasize that EVERYONE is welcome to join us at the family workshop—the more the merrier! Community-building is an important part of the Inside Out Community Arts Program, and we don’t just mean the community of students in the program. Our community consists of everyone connected to the program—principals, teachers, parents, families, artist leaders, and staff. The family workshop is one of the ways that we aim to build this community up.

Family workshops always start off with a little bit of mingling and a light breakfast. Artist leaders take this time to introduce themselves to parents and family members that are in attendance, and then, they jump right into an introductory warm-up with the whole group.

Adults and children sit at a table laughing and working at the 2019 IOCA family workshops

This year, artist leaders led the “Heroes” workshop. In this activity, participants imagine themselves as superheroes, turning one of their personal skills, talents, values, or gifts into a superpower. Some of our superheroes were gifted with powers like the power of super speed, the power of endless compassion, the power of super math skills, and the power of great basketball talent. Participants then develop their superhero and write a story of an incident where they had to use their superpower. Lastly, they draw a picture of their superhero saving the world and then share their creation with the group. This workshop encourages participants to reflect, remember, and take stock of their own talents and skills!

All in all, the workshop is a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Students get to hang out with their friends from Inside Out, create art with their family, and everyone always leaves in a great mood and with a better understanding of their peers and families.

A group of adults and children gather in front of bookcases at the 2019 IOCA family workshops

This program is generously supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles. Visit our Extended Learning page for more information about Inside Out Community Arts.

Stephanie McGrathFamilies Celebrate Their Talents at Our 2019 IOCA Workshops